Em Launch Railgun Facility

This project included a new 6000 square foot
control building, a 10,400 square foot addition
to the existing building to expand the
capabilities of the Electro Magnetic "Railgun"
test facility.
Some of the highlights of this job were:
• Installation of two - 15,000 volt pad
mounted medium voltage switches which
were tied into the installations existing
15,000 volt system to create a redundant
• Installation of three - 1500 KVA medium
voltage oil filled pad mounted transformers
feeding three - 2000 amp switchboards in
the facility.
• Installation of an additional 225 KVA
transformer feeding the control building.
• Electromagnetic shielding of the fire alarm
system in the Railgun Facility, fiber optic
communications between the control
building and launch facility for fire alarm
Our scope of work included a complete
building electrical system.
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